Grabien Site Update: Payments System Enhanced


Today Grabien significantly enhanced its payments system. Upgrading accounts to GrabienGold is now super easy. After entering your credit card information just once, Gold accounts are automatically extended every month. (Of course, users can always cancel at any time.)

Payments are conducted via Stripe, a payment service that adheres to the strictest PCI requirements, so you can be sure your sensitive data remains secure. We spent a lot of time ensuring payments would enjoy the highest levels of protection currently available.  

Even better, we’ve made expense reports a lot easier, too. Users can now download invoices/receipts after every payment. Simply go to the “My Account” drop-down menu, select “Payments,” and then click the download button next to the transaction you’d like a receipt for. 

(As a reminder, if you’d like to experiment with GrabienGold — which gives you effectively unlimited use of the site — use promo code GoGold for one month free. Promo codes can be redeemed by selecting “Utilize Promo Code” under the “My Coins” drop-down menu. )