New Feature Friday: Make Money with Grabien's New Monetized Player


Grabien has recently partnered with AIR.TV to enable our clients to embed clips, with ads, so publishers can easily monetize their video embeds.

A few benefits:

— Clients will receive data on traffic, plays, and revenue.

— The program also works with players from non-Grabien sources (YouTube, Facebook, and other video-hosting platforms).

— Using this player means no more streaming costs (i.e., if you have an account with JWPlayer or Brightcove, you’ll no longer need it).

— Best of all, there’s no minimum traffic requirement.

Publishers will need to go through a short application process that takes about 7-10 days. If you already have relationships with advertisers, those ads tags can be used during this interim period. 

Interested? Contact us at and sign up today. 

Happy Friday,