Grabien Black Friday Promos: No Spending Required!


Dear, media colleagues —

With the holidays approaching, now’s a great time to start winding down your workload — by outsourcing it! 

If you haven’t already started taking advantage of Grabien’s time-saving tools, we’re offering Black Friday promos to help get acquainted with the platform:

— BFPromo (utilizing this code adds 1,000 promo coins to your account, which is good for about $10 worth of purchases)

BFEnterprise (this code upgrades regular accounts to Enterprise for 7 days)

To use a promo code, sign in, then go to MyAccount, Coins, Utilize Promo Code. 

If you upgrade your account to Enterprise, note that you’ll need to click “subscribe” to keep the Enterprise status active after the initial 7-day promotional period. 

Happy Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Weekend/Cyber Monday/etc.,