New Tool: Screencap Live News!


Media colleagues,

We're excited to announce two new additions to Grabien's suite of production tools: Screencaps, and custom thumbnails.

Now when you order or create a clip via Grabien, you can adjust the thumbnail displayed as the preview image. To do so, click the icon all the way on the right underneath the file (the one that says "Select preview image" when you hover over it). The next steps should be self explanatory.

Additionally, Grabien Enterprise users can now create screencaps from live news via the NewsMonitor and LiveClipper. To do so, simply click the camera icon on the player whenever you'd like a JPG of what appears on the screen. The file can immediately be accessed either via the link that appears on the pop-up confirmation, or by navigating to your MyMedia page (under the "Screencaps" playlist). 

If you have a standard account and are interested in upgrading, please contact us.

Happy Clipping!