Introducing the All-New Grabien — New Tools, a New Look ... The New Standard


We’re proud to announce an entirely new Grabien — a new website, a new logo, and a new suite of innovative production tools. We’ve been hard at work on these developments for well over a year, so we hope you love what we’ve cooked up.

First, some notes about what’s changed: 

— The homepage is now an overview of Grabien, rather than the previous confusing combination of clips, tools, and links. 

— The page that used to be Grabien’s homepage is now called the News Clips page (as you’ll see, the layout is simpler, and there are new filtering tools)

— The eLocker is now called MyMedia and it’s the first page you land on after signing in.

— The MultimediaBank is now the ClipsBank

In addition to the revamped, more modern aesthetic, you’ll also notice video previews are replaced with animated gifs, which we think help give you a quicker sense for the feel of a clip.


More exciting are the brand new tools and features: 

— The PodBank/PodClipper: Users can now search, scan, and clip popular news podcasts. (If we’re missing a podcast you think should be included, let us know.) The PodClipper is exclusive to Enterprise accounts, but non-Enterprise accounts can order clips piecemeal. 

— The RadioBank/RadioClipper: We’ve built the world’s first comprehensive database of news/talk radio shows. Now you can easily search/scan/clip from virtually every radio show in America. (If we’re missing a show you think should be included, let us know.) The RadioClipper is exclusive to Enterprise accounts, but non-Enterprise accounts can order clips piecemeal. 

TranscriptBank: We’ve also built a database specifically for news transcripts. Users will be able to browse and buy transcripts on a piecemeal basis; Enterprise accounts now come with 10 free transcripts/month (with an option to upgrade). Currently most transcripts come from news programming, but the TranscriptBank will also soon include speeches, press conferences, and other important news events. Like the ClipsBank, users will be able to upload transcripts to the TranscriptBank and receive commissions on purchases of those transcripts. 

— The PhotoBank: Grabien has partnered with Getty Images and iStockPhoto and now our clients enjoy discounted access to Getty/iStock’s entire database of licensed news and stock photography. Pics are 15 percent cheaper through Grabien than if purchased directly, and can be purchased piecemeal with Grabien coins. Enterprise accounts can add an option to include photos as part of their account package. Accounts that need higher quantities of images can enjoy even bigger discounts. Inquire within for pricing.  

Oh, and one more thing … the archive on our NewsBase (the searchable/scannable/clippable database of 24/7 full-length, HD news programming) is expanding. Whereas previously content was deleted after 3-4 weeks, the archive will now reach back at least a year, and perhaps indefinitely (note, though, that this takes effect this week; it’s not retroactive).

If you would like to upgrade your account to take full advantage of these new features, please get in touch

And, as always, send along whatever feedback you have.

Happy Clipping,