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07/28/2015: New Feature, New Promo Code, New Prices
Media colleagues:
After years in development, we’re finally ready to roll out our most exciting production tool to date: The LiveClipper. This revolutionary innovation enables Grabien users to tune into a live news event, monitor a... Read more...
07/03/2015: Happy Independence Day from Grabien (Free Promo!)
Media Friends —
Happy Independence Day from Grabien.
To help you celebrate, we’re giving everyone a free week of Grabien Gold, the VIP-grade status enabling unlimited use of the site — without audiomarks.
If... Read more...
04/03/2015: New Features: Web Clipper, Custom Watermarks
Announcing two new Grabien features:
WebClipper. If there's an online video you'd like to turn into a news clip, Grabien makes it easy. On the upload page, click the "add link" button, paste the URL of the Internet... Read more...
03/06/2015: Embed News Clips, Make Money
Happy Friday from Grabien.
We're very excited to announce a brand new feature.
If you work for a news site and are interested in:
A) Embedding news clips
B) Monetizing the views of said clips
Grabien has just launched a new... Read more...
11/28/2014: Grabien's Black Friday Promo
Looking to stock up on Grabien Coins at a huge discount?
Today's your lucky day. (And tomorrow, and Sunday.)
From today until midnight, Sunday, users will receive a 50 percent bonus with every purchase of Grabien coins.
Buy 1... Read more...
11/25/2014: Outsource your talk-radio show's sound production
Need another producer but can't afford one?
You're in luck.
Starting in December, Grabien will begin offering tailored production for talk-radio shows.
If your show could use some help gathering sound, Grabien staffers... Read more...
11/20/2014: Announcing ... HD TV Clips!
Need a TV clip?
As an existing user, you already know we’ve got you covered. There’s simply no easier way to grab made-to-order TV clips than through Grabien. (If you're a newbie, here's a how-to.)
But recently... Read more...
11/11/2014: Announcing ... GrabienSilver!
There are now three ways to purchase Grabien's news clips:
GrabienCoins: The best choice for occasional, piecemeal purchases. $10 buys 1,000 coins.
GrabienGold: The ultimate in VIP access. Gold accounts offer virtually... Read more...
10/14/2014: Happy 1st Birthday to Us (that means gifts for you!)
Today Grabien turns one year old. While still just a baby, we've already reached some impressive heights.
Like what, you ask?
To date Grabien's accumulated:
724 hours and 8 minutes worth of edited news clips
... Read more...
09/22/2014: New Feature & Changing Terms of Service
First, good news:
Grabien just unveiled its latest feature: a Gif creator. If you've ever wanted to know how to create those animated images you see all over the Internet (Buzzfeed, most conspicuously), Grabien has finally made it... Read more...
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